Womens Wide Shoes

Discover our exciting collection of women’s wide shoes to discover the many styles, sizes and colours designed for the comfort and size needs of women with a wider foot. Click the images below to discover more about our range including velcro, lace up and slip-on wide fit shoes for women. Wide Fit Shoes fully understand the importance of women's shoes needing to be both comfortable and stylish in all ranges and we are committed to delivering the highest standard for all your footwear needs. Whether it is sleek flats or sassy heels you require for your professional or casual needs we have wide fit shoes covered.

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Womens Wide Fit DB Healey Shoes - Black
from $122.00
6E 4E 8E
Womens Wide Fit DB Glossop Shoes - Black
from $116.00
6E 8E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Phoebe Shoes - Black
from $122.00
8E 6E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Buxton Shoes - Black
from $122.00
2E 4E 8E 6E
Womens Wide Fit Padders Sprite Shoes
Regular price $109.00 Sale price$102.00 Save $7.00
Womens Wide Fit DB Florence Shoes - Black
from $116.00
4E 6E 2E 8E
Womens Wide Fit DB Bradwell Black Boots
from $129.00
4E 6E 8E 2E
Womens Wide Fit New Balance MX624AB5 Trainers
from $109.00
4E 6E
Womens Wide Fit DB Doris Boots - Black
from $136.00
8E 6E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Dance Boots
Regular price $163.00 Sale price$136.00 Save $27.00
6E 4E 2E