The 4E fit shoes have the same width as our 2E shoes. However, they come with a deeper toe box. For all those who suffer from problems like foot swelling, misshaped toes, then our 4E shoes are the perfect shoes you need. With their extra depth, they make it all a bit more comfortable. The round shape of the shoe provides plenty of room for your toes and our flexible inner soles ensure you complete underfoot comfort. These shoes allow the use of orthotics as they too have removable sock inserts.
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Womens Wide Fit DB Healey Shoes - Black
from $118.00
6E 4E 8E
Womens Wide Fit DB Glossop Shoes - Black
from $112.00
6E 8E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Phoebe Shoes - Black
from $118.00
8E 6E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Buxton Shoes - Black
from $118.00
2E 4E 8E 6E
Womens Wide Fit DB Florence Shoes - Black
4E 6E 2E 8E
Womens Wide Fit DB Bradwell Black Boots
4E 6E 8E 2E