Mens Velcro Trainers Wide

Looking to buy comfortable and fashionable velcro trainers? We have a range of black velcro trainers and more! Enjoy your lazy morning or laid-back weekend in comfort with a pair of cosy, supportive Men's wide velcro trainers or shoes. These touch fasten mens trainers, mens velcro shoes, running trainers and orthopaedic slippers are easy to slip on and off and there are many shoes sizes. So if you suffer from mobility problems, swelling or discomfort, these touch-fastening slippers will be the answer to all of your prayers.

Whether it's gym walking, running trainers, or any other walking sports, our velcro strap trainers will be suited to you. Browse our mens trainers shoes sizes below. Get the fashionable strap trainers that you're looking for today!

Pamper your feet and ankles with this pair of men's velcro trainers wide fitting. Whether you find it difficult walking or pushing shopping trolleys, are a builder or are using crutches, this velcro trainer can be slipped on and off with ease. The fact that the shoe is made from a soft but durable fabric means that your feet will remain supported and comfortable throughout the day.

Velcro trainers have a cushioned inner sole and padded outer sole for extra comfort. Unlike many slippers, these leather velcro shoes also feature a supportive insole with a raised heel, which stops you from tipping over when going up from a chair or from the floor. This orthopaedic slip-on shoe is designed for both men and women with disabilities which make it difficult to tighten shoelaces.

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