Wide Fit Shoes

Happy Feet: Can Wide Fit Shoes Keep Your Feet Safe?
It is high time that in the age of science and rationality, we choose form over function.
Many fashion choices we adopt have the potential of giving us lasting medical ailments. Such too is the case with modern shoes which are high heels for women or right cramped shoes for men.
Both can lead to developing a number of foot conditions that can affect your quality of life.
Foot Problems Caused by Tight Shoes
Men and women both love to wear fashionable and stylish shoes; it improves their confidence and makes them feel refreshed. However, most of these trendy shoes are getting narrower and tighter. As a consequence, they can evoke a wide range of issues of health-related issues. Some of these are the following.
Wide fit shoes in action: How the right pair of shoes can make a tremendous difference in the lives of diabetics
People with diabetes have an increased chance of suffering from foot problems. This is due to the raised blood glucose that damages the sensation in the feet, manifesting itself as sensory or motor neuropathy. Another problem that can affect diabetics...