9 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men and Women

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Everyone has unique features, and these include their feet, which come in different size, shape and width. If you have wider feet or have bunions, wide feet shoes would be more comfortable or suitable for you. Below are 9 best shoes for wide feet for men and women:

Women’s wide fit DB Jill Shoes

Women’s wide fit DB Jill Shoes

This can be reckoned as one of the most comfortable options of wide fit shoes for women. It’s not surprising because it has been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide.  As a practical shoe for casual wear, it is featured with stretch to fit technology. So when you wear it during the day, it moulds to the shape of your foot. Its toe box is ultra-comfortable because it is seamless and wide fitting. Its strap is easy to adjust as well. 

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Women’s wide fit Nike CJ9885 Revolution Trainers

best shoes for wide feet

These fantastic trainers are currently available at a £30.00 price off. The zip closure of these shoes has a midfoot strap to keep it secure. Its Nike Revolution Flyease technology makes running quick and easy to the wearer. The cushion of this Nike item is made of soft foam, and its wide-feet design is available in various colours.

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Women’s wide fit DB Jules Shoes

Women’s wide fit DB Jules Shoes

This pair of classic court shoe is ultra-smart, and it is featured with Brogue detailing. You can choose from a selection of leathers that will suit your wardrobe. The low heel of these Jules shoes are stylish at a 1 ½” height. They are available in different sizes, for up to size 9. It has an in-sock and leather lining feature, and its uppers are made of soft leather. Its cushion insoles with “air comfort” feature are removable, so that extra depth or orthotics can be inserted. 

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Women’s wide fit DB Colorado Boots

shoes for wide feet

These boots that boast of a completely waterproof finish is available in colours of grey suede, black suede, and brown suede. With these wide feet and water-resistant boots on, you’ll have no worries about hiking even on the wettest weather. Because of its thick and robust sole, your feet will gain ultra-protection from impacts, even when you are hiking on rocky ascents. It is capable of handling rugged surfaces. Wearing these Colorado Boots renders your ankles stable and secure because they are guarded. You can have them on all through the day without being bothered by friction because of their padded collar that brings extra softness. It’s easy to have your adventure of a lifetime when you have these awesome shoes wrapping your feet.

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Women’s wide feet Newark Boots

Women’s wide feet Newark Boots

This pair of boots has its design based on the popular Indiana shape, and you can choose from colours of sumptuous black suede and navy suede. Its heel is stylishly low at 1 ½” and whatever your size, you can have it for up to size 9. The zip of these shoes are found on the inside, allowing for easy access, and their quarter lining and socks are made of leather. You can insert orthotics or extra depth while wearing it because its leather air comfort cushioned insoles are removable.

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Men’s wide feet Josef Seibel Louis 01 Shoes

top wide shoes for men

Available in navy blue colour, this pair of men’s shoes are designed for maximum comfort.  No matter what the occasion, you’ll feel and look good when wearing them. The Josef Seibel Louis 01 Shoes is made of 100% leather material, and it has a wider fitting that provides excellent comfort. Its upper is soft and lightweight, and it has been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide.

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Men’s wide feet Josef Seibel Noah 50 Trainers

The best trainers for wide feet

Available in orange colour, these shoes are made to provide ultra comfort and are wider fitting. Looking good and feeling good is not a problem with these trainers regardless of the occasion. It fits wide feet more easily, and it is approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide, with uppers that are soft and lightweight. 

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Men’s wide feet DB 108 Shoes

 wide feet DB 108 Shoes

They are made of 100% leather and are mainly available in black colour. You’ll be super comfortable with these shoes on any occasion. They’ll make you feel and look good. It fits wide feet very easily and has gained the approval of the Healthy Footwear Guide. You’ll find that its uppers are soft and lightweight.

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Men’s wide feet DB Helsinki Boots

Men’s wide feet DB Helsinki Boots

It truly is a value buy to get these shoes at £30.00 off from its original price. You can choose from tan and black colours. The design of these boots is incorporated with traditional Brogue detailing, and other than being stylish, it is comprised of an adjustable and comfortable lace-up design. You can enjoy the greater adjustment that comes with the DB Helsinki Boots, and its opening provides easy access. Its inside zip does the same. The quarter lining and socks are made of leather, and its rubber sole is flexible. You can remove its leather cushioned insoles that are “air-comfort” so that it can give way to insert orthotics or add depth. The Healthy Footwear Guide has approved these shoes.

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The above are fantastic choices for men and women’s wide fit shoes. With them designed with additional room to accommodate the foot, you are guaranteed to walk with great comfort and style. The toe sections of this footwear are wider and deeper so that your toes can naturally spread with each step. No worries about inconvenient pinching and squeezing that are otherwise experienced when wearing standard fit or narrow shoes.