If you're still finding trouble understanding our widths and require more info then please find our handy FAQ's below. We're always updating this on a regular basis but if we have missed something then why not get in touch via our Contact us page

Our most frequently asked questions..with answers
How do I measure my feet?

We have developed a simple guide called Width Fit Finder which has step by step instructions including a video featuring Bob & Lisa. If you do not have a measuring tape then simple click here and order you

Do you have a store I can visit

100% yes. We always encourage all of our customers to come in to our London store to see our full collection. We are confident that you'll find comfort again weather it's trainers, shoes, sandals or slippers. We have many customer's who visit us daily - please have a read of some of our reviews from them.

You can also book an appointment with us.

What is your returns policy

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I used to buy my shoes from Clarks. Will your shoes fit me?

If you’ve been a long customer Clarks but find that their shoes no longer fits then yes, our shoes will fit you perfectly fine. Clarks shoes are much more narrower with a very limited selection of wide shoes in a 2E fitting. We start from 2E, 4E, 6E and 8E widths.

What is an E fitting?

Widths start from a E fitting which is not so side and rises up to 2E, 4E, 6E and 8E. The larger the number, the more wider the shoes becomes.

What is a H fitting

A typical H fitting is a 2E to 4E shoes. We have converted to all widths in the shoes industry to 2E, 4E, 6E and 8E to keep it consistent and easy to understand. If you would like more information on our Width then please visit the Width Explanation page.

How do I convert my shoe size from U.S. to UK?

We have developed a simple conversion guide to convert all shoes sizes across the world. Please visit the conversion guide page.

Can I return the shoes if they do not fit?

Of course, we want to make sure you are fully happy and comfortable with our footwear. It not, simply send them back for an exchange or a refund.

What does a Wide Shoe mean?

Wider shape shoe simply mean’s more room in the front of the shoes to give you more space and comfort. Everybody has unique features and one of them are our feet. Our feet usualy keep's growing as we get older in age.

Does wearing Wide Shoes improve any type of foot condition?

100% yes, foot conditions are usually developement when you wear cheap and uncomfortable shoes. If you we're our wide shoes, you will prevant foot conditions occuring and will stop any condtions getting worse.

What size is EU 41 in the UK?

Visit our Conversion guide page where we have develoeped a simple global size calculator.

What is the difference between a wide shoes and a normal shoe?

A normal shoes are shoes which you can purchase from the high street. These are made for the mass market. A Wide shoes is a shoe which require more space at the front for a broader foot.

Why cannot I find your shoes on the high street?

The high street is fast fashion, item made for mass productions. Our products have been made with quality material for the broader foot.

Why cannot I find New Balance Wide Trainers from other shops?

We are the number 1 seller of New Balance Wide Trainers in the world. Other shoes are selling shoes for the mass which are standard sizes.

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