Although our 6E fitting shoes look as ordinary as standard shoes, their aim is bigger and more promising. Their extra width and depth help people with swollen feet or extra wide feet. It’s time your problem of having those wide or swollen feet be solved. Our company provides you with the best services, and we make our 6E fitting shoes with greater tread width than our 2E or 4E shoes and a deeper toe box to give your shoe more volume. These shoes come with removable socks and allow the use of orthotics.
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Womens Wide Fit DB Healey Shoes - Black
from $118.00
6E 4E 8E
Womens Wide Fit DB Glossop Shoes - Black
from $112.00
6E 8E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Phoebe Shoes - Black
from $118.00
8E 6E 4E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Buxton Shoes - Black
from $118.00
2E 4E 8E 6E
Womens Wide Fit DB Florence Shoes - Black
4E 6E 2E 8E
Womens Wide Fit DB Bradwell Black Boots
4E 6E 8E 2E
Womens Wide Fit DB Doris Boots - Black
from $131.00
8E 6E 4E 2E