Arthritis Shoes

Arthritis is a disease which causes damage and inflammation to the joints of your body. Attacks can focus on the joint linings, bones, ligaments or cartilage, and in some cases can be very severe. Because feet and ankles are made up of 26 bones and over 30 joints, they are particularly at risk to sufferers, and can lead to debilitating pain.

There are different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the name given to the gradual wearing away of joints over time, or as a result of an old injury, which is also known as traumatic arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is different in that it is inflammatory. It is a chronic condition that can affect all the joints in the body, and it is often responsible for causing severe deformities, including bunions, claw toes or hammertoes.

There is another type of arthritis called gout, which is caused by the formation of crystals in a joint. This can be a very painful condition, and often affects the big toe more than the other joints, leading to problems with walking and great discomfort.

Wearing proper shoes provides the best way of dealing with arthritis it the feet. Although there is no way for shoes alone to cure the disease, they are hugely important in providing protection to the feet and ankles and to aid in the healing process.

However, although many high street shoes claim to be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, this is often not the case, and wearing badly fitting shoes that have not been specially designed can exacerbate the problem.

We offer a large range of comfortable shoes to help sufferers cope with the pain. As feet may change shape due to arthritis, it is important to get them measured before buying a shoe, but our shoes are specially designed to accommodate a large range of sizes and shapes of feet.

As fastenings are often a problem for people with arthritis, many of our shoes come with easy fastening methods, such as elastic laces, Velcro and zips. They also come with good support and extra padding in order to make our range of shoes especially suited to people with this painful condition.

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